MegaJackpots Monopoly Pass Go

Monopoly Megajackpots is a 9 line slot game which gives you the chance to win a life changing an amount. Spin in 5 Megajackpot symbols on the centre line when you are playing maximum stakes and you could win millions. In addition to the Megajackpot there are two bonus games which allow players to win large amounts of money.

The minimum credit amount is quite high at 5p. You can play for up to £10 a credit. In order to qualify for the jackpot you need to play the maximum amount. At 9 lines, 5 credits per line, even at the smallest 5p credit you are looking at £2.25 a spin. Its not a game to play if you are a low roller.

The jackpot probability is proportional to the stake placed. So, if you play 10p credits, you have exactly twice the probability of winning the jackpot if you were playing 5p slots. This rule allows you to change stakes without worrying about the jackpot amount.

Of course, you can play for 5p spins if you are not interested in playing for the megajackpot. Just select, bet 1 credit and 1 line.

The Chance win spin bonus is a feature which is available when you bet on all 9 paylines. Get 3 chance bonus symbols on the last 3 reels and activate. You then get to select a chance card which determines the number of win spins you are awarded.

There is also a pass go bonus. This is activated by getting 3 bonus dice symbols on the winline. You get to roll the dice to see how many rolls of the dice you get to play when you enter the mini game. The mini game is based on Monoply. At the end of the bonus game, you are awarded a prize based on your winnings during the bonus game and the stakes used to activate the feature.

Finally, after every win under 3000 credits you get a chance to gamble. This is based on pure luck and the odds are completely fair at 50/50. You select black or red and if your card matches you win, else you lose.

MegaJackpots Monopoly Pass Go

The long term MegaJackpots Monopoly Pass Go payback is dependent on the jackpot amount. The bigger the jackpot the bigger the expected payout is. With a million pound slot jackpot its 95.11% whereas with a 4 million pound jackpot its 98.15%. Remember this is a long term average and this is not evenly distributed. Most people will get a much lower return than 95.11% as the jackpot money has to come from somewhere.

You can play MegaJackpots Monopoly Pass Go Slots game at Paddypower Online casino. They will match your first deposit up to £150. Of course they offer a free practice play option to get you used to the game but you can’t cash out practice cash.

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