Elvis Multi-Strike Slots

Elvis Multi-Strike Slots is a 60 line slot game. Well, actually its more like three 20 line slot games. You can reduce the number of lines though as 60 lines at the minimum stake of 1p still is 60p a spin.

The line control at the bottom of the screen controls which part of the board you play. Lines 1-20 are the bottom bit, 21-40 are the middle board and 41-60 are the top board.

When you play more lines than 20, the winnings allow you to progress further up the board. On level 2 the winnings are doubled and on the top level, you get 4X winnings. All winnings from previous levels are safely banked.

There are also 2 fantastic bonus games. First there is the photo memories bonus. To activate, you need to get two photo memories symbols and 3 wild bonus symbols. In the game, you will be awarded bonuses based on the photos selected. The game continues until you hit a collect symbol.

The second bonus game is a Fan-O-Meter Bonus. To activate you need to get 3 Fan-O-Meter symbols on any winline. Pick one of the televisions and listen to an Elvis song. The higher the Fan-O-Meter the higher the payout.

Elvis Multi-Strike Slots Game

The long term payout on Elvis Multi-Strike Slots is 95.38%.

You can play Elvis Multi-Strike slot game at Paddypower casino. They have a free play option to get you used to the game and when you do sign up for real play they will give you £150 100% match bonus to get you started. Sign up today


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