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No Deposit Slots

Slots are one of the most popular and profitable games for the casino. There are many online casino slots but they all work in the same way. They have some random number generator that determines the win.

The amount of wins is pre-determined and will on average payout between 90 and 95%. This is a lot better than the Slot machines in the UK pubs and bars where the payout is a mere 72%. This is not as good as roulette though which has a pay out of 97.3%.

This is why the casinos love slot games so much. As the odds are all predetermined, they literally can’t lose. Its much more lucrative than table games where players have been know to wipe out casinos.

One way to entice players is to offer bonuses to sign up. Most casinos offer a deposit bonus such as deposit £100, get £100 free. These are great and generally slots count 100% to the wagering requirement. Contrast this to blackjack or roulette where generally its only 10-20%. This suggests that slots are between 5 and 10 times more lucrative for the casino than the popular tale games.

Some casinos therefore offer a much better alternative to deposit bonuses. These come in the form of free spins or free chips which can be used on slots. Find out more on this site. They’re literally giving you free money to play on their games. You will have to turnover the free chips up to 100 times but its still free.

Big Winner on Alice’s Wonderland Slots

Progressive jackpots are the way to make life changing amounts of money at the casino. For months, the jackpot at Paddypower games has been building up. The Alice’s Wonderland progressive jackpot fund was going up nicely, at €706,381 when a lucky Paddy Power punter played a €6 spin that has made the lucky player a life changing amount of money. Casino’s are more known for allowing people to lose a life changing amount of money but occasionally, you do get a player where it makes a positive change.

JD from Kidderminster described the monstrous payout as “a bit of a shock” in what will probably be a contender for understatement of the year.

“I usually play ‘Free Play’ on the Monopoly game, but I saw the banners for Alice’s Wonderland and I went for it. I had about £100 in my account and started playing with that. After I got the winning spin, I rang my partner to tell her, and she didn’t believe me!”

The payout is the largest ever paid out by Paddy Power Games. Alice’s Wonderland is a 5 reel 20 line online slot machine based on the classic Story of Alice in Wonderland. The progressive jackpot can be won during the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party bonus game.

JD has already started making plans for the money. “I’ll pay off the mortgage for a start, then I might look at investing in other property”.

alice in wonderland slots screenshot

“We knew the jackpot was at breaking point for quite a while now, so we were excited to see it finally pay out and we’re all delighted for JD” said Isaac Ward, the manager at Paddy Power Games. “€706k is a life changing amount in anyone’s language and we wish JD all the best, and advise him not to spend it all in the one shop!”

Sign up to PaddyPower Games to Play Alice’s Slots. This game is not available in the casino.


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